Cool suggestion from Gobetwino user

The other day Josef Tschiggerl  mailed me this suggestion:

What I am interested in is if it would be possible (in a further release) to include the possibility to browse a specific url to hand
over parameters to PHP.  Like$1
$1 should then be replaced by a value from Arduino.

This is a very good idea, and one use that i had not thought of my self. I Have been thinking about how to implement it. The problem is what if someone wanted to send two parametres in the query string or 3 or 4 ?  I will probably make a new version of the SPWEX or SPRID command type where the Cmd line arguments parameter is external. This way you can start a program and hand it command line arguments that are coming from Arduino. Combine this with a clever VB script and you have just what Josef wants. In fact you have much more, because this would be a very general approach to sending command line parameters to a program started from Gobetwino. The command line parameter string could have anything you like in it, and a VB script can easily get to it. Hmmmm… this opens up other possibilities…


27 Responses to “Cool suggestion from Gobetwino user”

  1. Ryansway says:

    Any number of variables can be passed to php using URL parameters, eg

    In php, use


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