Gobetwino – minor bugs – and future features

Today download nr. 500 of Gobetwino took place.

I have found some bugs in the current version 0.5 of gobetwino.

  • If sending an email with an attached file fails, the attached file seems to be locked as write protected.
  • In the log to file (LGFIL) command the seperator value between the timestamp and the data coming from Arduino is hardcoded as “;” this is not good if the data coming from Arduino chooses another seperator.
  • In some (rather special) cases an error message that should have been shown in the status area is not shown.
  • It is possible to send a well formed, but not existing, command to Gobetwino from Arduino without an error being generated. Nothing happens, but i can be confusing.

I am planning a version 0.6 that i hope will be out in a couple of weeks. This version will be without the bugs mentioned above, and have some new features added as well:

  • A new command type will be added, that will allow the command line parametres to a started program to come from Arduino, which will make it possible to do what Josef requested.
  • A new command type implements uploading of files to web sites that support FTP access.
  • Restarting Gobetwino after changing the settings will no longer be required.
  • The missing “Delete” button in the command editor will be added.
  • A new feature makes it possible to test a command from within Gobetwino, just as if it came from Arduino.

I will probably add some more, but i also have to test and document everything.

100 Responses to “Gobetwino – minor bugs – and future features”

  1. Josef says:

    Looking forward to the next release

  2. admin says:

    I can’t run your game, even if i install the august 2008 Direct x files, so i cant check.

    Did you start the game with a SPRID command before sending keys to it ?
    Coud it be a case sensitivity problem ?


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