Saliva and drunks …..

A kind Arduino forum member has turned my attention to the fact that the name Gobetwino is not the most well chosen of names.

Apperantly Gob is slang for spit or mouth and wino slang for a drunk or alcoholic.  My native tongue is of course not english, so i have not been aware of this.

Gobetwino was constructed simply by pulling the words gobetween and Arduino together, and i really hope that no one is offended by the name.

Changing the name would be somewhat difficult, since i have created a web site for the program, a blog that’s mainly about it, and i has been downloaded close to 600 times from my web site by now. On top of that there is more than 2000 lines of source code and 45 pages of documentation.

So to makes things a little better i will from now on write the name as GoBetwino.

55 Responses to “Saliva and drunks …..”

  1. Mike says:

    Well in the US I wouldn’t worry about it. Gob is relatively unused in the US except for maybe fans of the BBC anyway, and wino isn’t used by anyone I know under the age of 60. So I think you are OK to use it. I rather like it. But if it concerns you you could always try “GoBetw-ino” or something.

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