GoBetwino 0.6 on the way – for real :-)

After a very long break from work on GoBewtino, caused by having a baby, moving twice and a generally busy life, i have begun to finish the work on the next version of GoBetwino that i started two years ago.

The most important new features in version 0.6 :

  • 5 new command types, including file upload with FTP, and posting Twitter status updates.
  • All code concerning sending and receiving emails have been totally rewritten, so now mail accounts that require SSL (Gmail for instance) can be used.
  • Serial monitor like functionality build in to simplify debugging while using GoBetwino.
  • It’s now possible to test commands without having your Arduino connected.

I dumped the Indy sockets library i used for pop3 access in favour of the OpenPoP library. There’s nothing wrong with Indy sockets, but i was only using the pop3 stuff so it was like buying a full workshop when all you need is a small screwdriver. And getting the pop3 with SSL to work was much simpler with OpenPop. And the size of the indy sockets + mono security was huge (almost 3 Mb), OpenPoP is around 64Kb.

Right now the new version is feature frozen, i’m not adding more to it. I still need to do some testing, and some updating of the documentation, but i hope to have it ready for release within a month or so.

I will post more details here soon.

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