Gobetwino 0.5 released

I created a generic proxy program that runs on a PC and does things on behalf of a connected Arduino board. Now 36 hours after i put it on my web site  it has been downloded more than 200 times. This is probably because it was featured on the Arduino blog and on the Make blog.  So i got my 15 nano seconds of fame :-)

59 Responses to “Gobetwino 0.5 released”

  1. jsr says:

    yay! way to go mikmo!!!

  2. Olle Jonsson says:

    Congratulations! Good to hear the suggestion emails start trickling in.

  3. dcuartielles says:

    we want it open source, we want a linux port, we want it all ;-)

    great job!!

  4. Mau says:

    is it posible to use with a gmail account? gmail needs SSL

  5. Mau says:

    I get this errror when I try the excel’s example

    While attempting to send an SMTP e-mail an exception was generated

  6. admin says:

    The SMTP error is because Gobetwino can not connect to the SMTP server. Make sure all 4 SMTP settings are correct (server, user, password and port). The default SMTP port is 25, but many ISP’s force you to use another port. For the mailbox i use i have to use a different port than 25. Only your ISP can telle you the port to use.

    I just checked up on Gmail, and no Gobetwino can’t do it now. Gmail requires SSL, and i do not have that in Gobetwino – yet. I will put it on the wish list.

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