Beat Splitter
The Beat splitter started it's life as a steering wheel toy with 8 motor / car horn / ambulance sounds.  I sawed of the wheel, and kept only the central part. This is what it looked like before i mangled it.

When pitched way up it's really good for playing rhythms, especially since pressing one of the sound buttons will interrupt any sound already playing, so you can tap little rhythm patterns on this one.

I have one more toy like this one, that I'm planning to modify with the computer interface i made for the Habitat Intercom, so i can use it as a programmable computer controlled drum machine, high tech low tech or what?

This toy exists in a smaller variation that looks almost the same, but doesn't have the "one sound interrupts another" feature, so it's not as useful.
Modifications :

Master pitch pot.

Internal micro speaker changed to a better sounding one.

To steel ball body contacts.

A toggle switch (not visible) to toggle between pitch pot and very large (15 M) fixed resistor, used together with body contacts.

Line out jack. > Circuit Bending > Gallery > Beat Splitter
Beat Splitter sample 1 19 seconds  160KB
Beat Splitter sample 2  8 seconds  104KB