Crystal Candy
Okay, okay, i went a little overboard with the decoration of this one, but i kind of like it in all its chocolate box like glory.

This was a barn yard toy, but a different one. It has 7 animal sounds, and a piano sound. Each animal button selects that animals sound, and the buttons under the blue glass blobs act as a one octave+ keyboard, for both the animal and piano sounds. The two rightmost buttons activates a demo song and the piano sound mode.

It sounds really cool, especially the cat, when pitched down it becomes obvious that it's a human voice sample of someone saying "Meeeoovv" that has been processed somehow.

One of of the body contacts adds a nice fuzzy distortion to the sound.
Modifications :

Master pitch pot.

Two body contacts wit "sensitivity" or "range" pot.

Red pilot LED, under orange plastic cap.

Speaker cut out switch.

Line out jack. > Circuit Bending > Gallery > Crystal Candy
Crystal Candy sample 2 11 seconds  135 KB
Crystal Candy sample 1 23 seconds  279 KB