Habitat Intercom
Modifications :

Interface to computer parallel port.

25 pin D sub connector to connect to parallel port.

Power on / off switch.

Line out jack.

Speaker cut out switch

Jack to external photo resistor.
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For some time i had been wondering if it would be possible to make a simple interface to allow circuit bent instruments to  be controlled from a computer.

A lot of netsurfing and some helpful hints from electronically more gifted benders than me resulted in a very simple and very cheap interface. Small enough to be built in to most toys and powered from their batteries.

I wrote a small pattern based sequencer program to drive the interface. The Habitat Intercom is the first instrument to have it implanted, but i plan to build it in to other toys as well.  

The interface is used to trigger the 8 animal sounds in the Morpheum. I wanted to control pitch as well, but i could not figure out how, until i saw Ghazalas Video octavox device, that has pitch controlled from photo resistors mounted on a TV screen with suction cups. I use the same principle, i have a tube with a photo resistor mounted in front of a square field on the computer monitor, the sequencer app. changes the amount of light reaching the photo resistor by changing the color of the field.

More details, including schematics, and screen shots of the sequencer can be found here.

This instrument keeps surprising me, it makes so many different sounds.

The sound samples below are just a scratch in the surface of what this thing is capable of. All sounds are direct unedited recordings without any effects.
Habitat Intercom sample 1   1:23 seconds 982 KB
Habitat Intercom sample 2   31  seconds 372 KB
Habitat Intercom sample 3   39  seconds 406 KB
Habitat Intercom sample 4   34  seconds  406 KB
Habitat intercom sample 5   41  seconds  984 KB