Horizon Inverter
This drum sound toy is another from the Creatoy series.

It has 4 repeating drum sounds, base, snare, high and low toms.

Like most of the Creatoy toys i has  a black blob IC, and a handful of other components, including a pitch resistor.

I added a pitch pot and photo resistor to this toy so the playback speed of the drum samples can be adjusted from very slow to screaming high by varying the amount of light reaching the photo resistor.

When you point the tube with the photoresistor to a turned on TV it makes sounds that changes in an interesting way.

Modifications :

Master pitch pot, with dolls hand "knob".

Body contacts to change pitch.

Photo resistor in black tube.

Toggle switch to select either pitch pot or photo resistor.

Speaker cut out switch.

Line out jack.
Horizon Inverter sample 1  19 seconds  232KB
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Horizon Inverter sample 2  22 seconds  261KB