Vehicle of the faceless creatures. Or maybe they are just green from transportation sickness, who knows ?

This is the infamous Creatoy school bus toy, with 8 animal sounds and 4 motor sounds.

Every circuit bender with a minimum of self respect has bend at least one of these :-) I have a handfull of them.

This is the first time i tried to ad circuitry to a toy. This toy only has two pitch resistors you can change, one for the animal sounds, and one for the bus sounds. I wanted to make looping sounds with it, so i added a small low frequency oscillator (LFO) that can trigger any of the 12 sounds. The schematics and PCB layout for the LFO can be found here.

Otherwise it's the standard mods.
Modifications :

Master pitch pot for the animal sounds.

Master pitch pot for the bus sounds.

Body contacts for both sound banks.

LFO for continuos triggering of any sound, from very slow to ultra fast.

On / Off switch for LFO

Speed pot for the LFO.

Red flashing LED indicating LFO speed.

12 pos. rotary switch to select witch sound the LFO triggers.

Speaker cut out switch.

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Incognito sample 1  17 seconds  204KB
Incognito sample 2  26 seconds  308 KB