Night Train
This is another variation of the well known 8 animal - 4 train/bus sounds device. This is the very first toy i modified.

It's a simple black blob IC toy, and i only found a pitch change mod and som heavy distortion.

This thing dosent sound very good, i suffers from some serious high pitched squeeking.

Another variation of this toy exists that looks identical, but have 3 separate black blob IC's, and a lot more bending potential. You can see it here.
Modifications :

Fixed pitch resistor changed to master pitch pot.

Pitch up and down body contacts.

Blue power on LED.

Flashing green LEDs added in all the animals eyes.
I used one of those flashing LED christmas tree kits for that, the wiring was a nightmare.

The knob is missing from the pitch pot in the picture, i probably used it for something else.
Sound samples : > Circuit Bending > Gallery > Night Train