Download Gobetwino version 0.5 by clicking the link to the right.

Version 0.5 is still to be considered a beta version, it probably still has bugs in it, and i have not tested it for long sustained periods of time yet.

Neither has it been tested under Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Due to the very rigid security constraints in Windows Vista some of  Gobetwinos functions may not work.

If you find bugs, or errors, or have good ideas for future versions, or find a smart way to use Gobetwino please mail me.
Download Gobetwino 0.5
To install Gobetwino just unzip the zip file in a folder.

If you put it in
a folder named gobetwino on your c: drive it will be easy to use the Arduino sample  sketches.

Gobetwino will eventually become an open source project. But the source code will probably not be available before the next version. This is for two reasons. First, i want to get rid of any bugs in the current beta version 0.5, and second I have a little cleaning up to do, and all the comments in the source are in danish, and need to be translated first.

I already have plans for adding additional commands to Gobetwino. But if you have a good idea, fell free to mail me.

Parts of the E-mail functionality in Gobetwino is implemented with the brilliant Indy sockets open source projects .
Check my blog for information about updates, user suggestionns, and bugs.