The current state of the synth.
Right now (Febuar 2006) i'm close to having filled up the first cabinet i made for the synth. There's room for one more single space module. That place will soon be taken by a Steiner filter made from Yves Usson's design.

This is what the synth consists of so far :
  • One +/- 12 V powersupply.
  • Two VCO's.
  • One Dual VCA.
  • One ADSR envelope generator.
  • One LFO.
  • One state variable VCF.
  • One sample and hold generator.
  • One dual white / dual pink noise generator.
  • One 1 in 4 out CV attenuator / distributor module.
  • One 3 channel audio mixer.
  • One dual ring modulator.
  • One Steiner filter (almost finished, just need front panel).
  • Two four position multi jacks, sharing frontpanel with the ringmodulators. 

This is what it looks like. (Click pictures for larger versions).
As is obvious from the pictures, there's still some work to be done. The three modules slightly to the left of the middle of the synth still has the old "shiny" frontpanel overlays. They need to be changed to the new matte style, which also corrects the error with the wrong potentiometer scales. (See the "How i make front panels" page for details) Some modules still needs to have potentiometer shafts cut and knobs mounted. Finally i need to close the backside of the cabinet.

Other things that need attention is the main power on / off switc i forgot to put in, and a way to get power from the powersupply to the next cabinet.

Then work on the second cabinet can begin :-)